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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule 2019 Approved

Water Service Rates
Base rate per month2019
5/8 inch meter$18.00
1 inch meter$26.40
1 1/2 inch meter$32.80
2 inch meter$44.00
3 inch meter$54.80
Residential & commercial rates
1,000 to 8,000$1.90per 1000 gallons
8,001 to 20,000$2.19per 1000 gallons
20,001 to 35,000$3.34per 1000 gallons
35,001 to 50,000$4.26per 1000 gallons
over 50,000$5.12per 1000 gallons
Late fees and shut offs
Late fee (after 2 months)$10.00
Door hanger (reminder)$15.00
Turn on after shut off$25.00$40 second + times/year
Charge for shut offs requested by Cities$25.00$40 second + times/year
Convenience fee for credit cards$1.50
Return check fee$30.00
Tampering Fee$100plus damages and cost of stolen water ##
Copies$0.20per sheet
Faxes (Outgoing)$1.00per sheet
Faxes (Incoming)$1.20per sheet
Deffered Payment Agreement 1.5%interest per month
## Legal action may also be taken
Supply Prices - based on cost at time of purchase. Subject to change*
Based on current market value.2019
MXU Pit Version Single Port for all meters
3/4" &5/8"*all prices are based on cost at time of purchase.*
Repair/ replacement of meter boxes, lids, meter setters and grade rings will be charged at cost at time of purchase plus labor. *
Fire Hydrants2016
Hydrant - New Installation$6,500.00
Hydrant meter rentalper 1000 gallons$5.00
Per week$15.00
Hydrant repair/replacecost of parts and labor*
Hydrant meter replacement - based on current market value*
Hand Valve and Double Check replacement - based on current maket value*
Application Fee$100.00
Engineer Review Fee1-Lot$50.00
Engineer Review Fee2-10 Lots$250 + $50 per lot
Engineer Review Fee11+ Lots$450 + $25 per lot
Inspection Fee$100.00
Impact Feeper lot due before construction of development$3,918.00
Labor Prices
Based on rate at time of service * Subject to change
*Tractor Hourly Rate* $80/ hour
*Man Hours * Subject to rate at time of service