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Application for Service

To apply for service, please carefully read the following user agreement and complete the application below.

  1. In consideration of Hooper Water Improvement District (“District”) furnishing water to premises at the address provided below, I/we hereby agree:
  2. To timely pay or cause to be paid all charges for water used at the above premises in accordance with provisions of the District’s Rules and Regulations, including but not limited to service, impact and hookup fees and penalties and interest on past due amounts as allowed by law.  State, County and/or municipality permits and inspection fees will be added to impact and hookup fees as appropriate.
  3. To comply with all applicable District Rules and Regulations now in effect or hereafter established by the District Board of Trustees.  It is understood and agreed that the District will furnish service without prejudice to its right to shut off my/our water supply as now or hereafter allowed by law and/or Rules andBy Regulations, and that water service may be disconnected based on my/our failure to pay any sum owed to District or on a violation of District’s Rules and Regulations.
  4. In the event I/we transfer legal title to the above property, I/we agree to give written notice of such transfer to the District and, until such notice is given and a new owner signs up for service, my/our liability hereunder shall continue in full force and effect.
  5. I/we acknowledge that the billing period begins when the meter is set. I/we further agree to be liable for expenses incurred in the event the meter box has to be raised, lowered or moved to maintain grade level due to cut and fill, or for any damage to meter, meter box and any piping in the meter box.
  6. In the event legal action is taken by the District to enforce this Agreement, I/we agree to pay all costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred by the District.
  7. If sanitary sewer collection services are received by the premises from any municipality or local or special service district, I/we agree that water service may be disconnected by District due to any failure to pay for sewer services to the premises.
  8. The District does not guarantee the stated impact and hookup fees, which may vary. The impact fee that is in effect when the payment is tendered shall control and shall be paid.  Water will not be delivered to the address or person(s) making application for water service until all impact and hookup fees have been paid in full.
Please provide your first and last name.
Please provide a valid email address. If you do not have an email, please come by our office to complete the application.
Address where you would like service.
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Best contact phone number.
Date you would like service activated.
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